AARN: Featured Keynote Speaker

Dr. Heather White traveled to Melbourne, Australia for the AARN (Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition) and was a featured keynote speaker for the conference with three talks. At AARN, Dr. White discussed the principle of fueling milk production through nutrient partitioning and metabolism in lactating dairy cows, as well as discussing the importance of big data as it relates to its utilization of improving sub-clinical ketosis management. She also discussed fatty acids and methyl donors and if they can influence hepatic metabolism by modulating nutrient partitioning to support metabolic health in the transition cow.

Dr. White presenting research at AARN.

Dr. White was also able to meet up with a past student, Tim Luke, and enjoy her time in Australia at a local winery to discuss hepatic metabolism in a more casual setting.

Tim Luke, Jennie Pryce, colleagues, and Dr. White at an Australian winery.