Nomination and Recognition of Dairy Science Alumni

Dr. Heather White nominated mentor Dr. Barbara Barton, the first woman to receive her Ph.D. in Dairy Science at UW-Madison, for the Distinguished Alumni Award back in October. Dr. Barbara Barton has left an impact not only on Dr. White, but also on many students, staff, faculty, and coworkers throughout her incredible career journey. From teaching to working in industry, Dr. Barbara Barton was a well deserved candidate to receive this award! Among colleagues from Animal and Dairy Science, Dr. Steven Ricke, Dr. Dave Thomas, and Dr. Gary Weiss were also recognized and received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Dr. Barbara Barton gives remarks after being awarded with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Thanks to by Michael P. King/UW–Madison CALS for the photo.

CALS Dean Kate VandenBosch with award-winner Dr. Barbara Barton. Thanks to Michael P. King for the photo.

Honorary Recognition awardees (left to right): Tim Boerner, Steven Ricke, Barbara Barton, Elzie Higginbottom, Gerald Weiss, and David Thomas. Thanks to Michael P. King/UW–-Madison CALS for the photo.