AARN: Featured Keynote Speaker

Dr. Heather White traveled to Melbourne, Australia for the AARN (Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition) and was a featured keynote speaker for the conference with three talks. At AARN, Dr. White discussed the principle of fueling milk production through nutrient partitioning and metabolism in lactating dairy cows, as well as discussing the importance of big data as it relates to its utilization of improving sub-clinical ketosis management. She also discussed fatty acids and methyl donors and if they can influence hepatic metabolism by modulating nutrient partitioning to support metabolic health in the transition cow.

Dr. White presenting research at AARN.

Dr. White was also able to meet up with a past student, Tim Luke, and enjoy her time in Australia at a local winery to discuss hepatic metabolism in a more casual setting.

Tim Luke, Jennie Pryce, colleagues, and Dr. White at an Australian winery.


EAAP & ISRP 2019

From August 26-August 30 and September 3-September 6, Dr. Heather White took Ryan, Henry, and Sophia to Europe to present research at EAAP in Ghent, Belgium (European Federation of Animal Science) and ISRP in Leipzig, Germany (International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology), respectively. This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to collaborate with other Universities, gain new contacts, and explore new cultures, ideas, and scientific topics. Dr. White had two talks at EAAP. Henry presented one poster, and Sophia and Ryan both presented 2 posters at EAAP. Ryan had one at ISRP and Sophia two.

Members of the White Lab reunite with a past exchange student at EAAP.
Left to right: Henry Holdorf (PhD student), Pascal van Krulen (former exchange student), Dr. Heather White (PI), and Ryan Pralle (PhD candidate).

Posing in front of posters at ISRP.
Left to right: Henry Holdorf, Ryan Pralle, Sophia Erb, and Dr. Heather White.

ADSA 2019

The annual American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) meeting took place in Cincinnati, OH. Here, current and alumnae graduate students from the White Lab presented their research with both poster sessions (Dr. Kristina Weld, Malia Martin, and Henry Holdorf) and oral presentations (Rafael Caputo Oliveira, MS and Ryan Pralle). Dr. Heather White herself gave two talks about he transition period and the relevance of understanding how methyl donors and feed efficiency are at play. She also received the prestigious Foundation Scholar Award, a distinguishing accomplishment as part of her contribution and dedication to Dairy Science.

Dr. Heather White receives the distinguishable Foundation Scholar Award.

Dr. White met up with colleagues from UW-Madison’s Dairy Science Department.

Dr. Victor Cabrera (left), Dr. Heather White (center), Theodore Halbach, MS (right).

Dr. Heather White with some alumnae and current lab members at ADSA 2019.

Back (L to R): Dr. Kristina Weld, Rafael Caputo Oliveira, MS, and Ryan Pralle.
Front (L to R): Malia Martin, Dr. Heather White, and Henry Holdorf.

Overview of Subclinical Ketosis Talk at Form-a-Feed Conference

Dr. Heather White had given a talk at the annual Form-a-Feed conference in Red Wing, MN in January 2019 on subclinical ketosis. Her topics included defining specificity vs. sensitivity and how it relates to diagnosing cows on farm, as well as touching upon some of her research which has demonstrated to have potentially positive health outcomes shortly after calving in transition cows. Jenna Hurty-Pearson wrote an article on the talk, which is found in the most recent issue of Progressive Dairyman. Click here to read more on the overview of Dr. White’s talk. Click here to read the Editor’s Choice publication mentioned in the Progressive Dairyman article of the research overseen by Ph.D. candidate Rafael Caputo Oliveira under Dr. Heather White.