Working Hard

See the White Lab Hard at Work. . .

Looking at cells under the microscope:

Malia and Heather check lipid accumulation in cells under the microscope (top). Malia inquires about cell structure (bottom). Thanks to the Dairy Science Department for the photos.


Working at the Arlington Farm–

Malia (out of focus) and Naomi prepare milk samples for analysis. Thanks to Michael P. King for the photo.


Preparing the Catachem for analysis–

Naomi selects cuvettes for the Catachem for analysis of serum samples on a variety of different metabolites for her independent project.



Accidentally matching: Go Badgers!

Henry, Ryan, Malia, Sophia, and Rafael all wear similar outfits on the same day. The White Lab group has fun!


Cell Culture

Dr. Heather White examining a cell culture dish with Tawny and Sophia.


Assays are a critical part of lab work– the more the merrier!


Early morning on-farm sampling:

Routine cow health is important– Rafael checks a cow’s temperature under Dr. White’s supervision.


Learning new techniques:

20150703_105513The fume hood is a great place to isolate mRNA as Valentia shows.

It’s also a great place for Rafael and Kristina to isolate triglycerides. You go guys!


Four-State Nutrition Conference


Both did a great job!

Around the lab. . .

On the farm…

IMG_3648 IMG_3654 photo 5





Meeting Mike Rowe at the Dairy Strong Meeting

photo 1

 AgSource meeting in Minneapolis, January 2015