Welcome Katie!!!

Katie Kennedy, PhD, recently joined Dr. White’s lab as a Post-doctoral Fellow. See more about Katie in the “Members” tab. We’re looking forward to doing some exciting research with you, Kaite!

Sampling On-Farm!

On one of the hottest days of the year, Dr. White went to a small dairy farm in northern Illinois to sample cows with Erin and Sophia Green. The farm staff took a video of their adventures, and posted it to their YouTube Channel!

See the video for more information:

Congratulations Billy!!!

Postdoc Billy Brown completed his work here at UW-Madison with Dr. White and will be moving on in his career to work at Kansas State University. At KSU, Dr. Brown will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences & Industry at Kansas State University, with a 60% teaching and 40% research appointment. His teaching focus will be on introductory dairy and general nutrition courses, and his research objectives will be based on exploring questions in dairy cattle nutritional physiology

ADSA 2022

The White Lab was well represented at ADSA this year in Kansas City, MO! Billy, Henry, Malia, Faith, and Gaelan all presented at least one poster each at the annual conference. Their abstracts can be found in the “Abstract” tab at the top of the page. Gaelan will be off to Iowa State University to pursue his PhD after ADSA. Hope everyone had a blast at the conference and learned a lot!

Clockwise from top left: Dr. Billy Brown, Malia Caputo, Gaelan Combs, and Dr. Henry Holdorf all presenting their originial research.

Gaelan Combs, Malia Caputo, Dr. Billy Brown, and Dr. Henry Holdorf at ADSA 2022.

Congratulations Henry!

Henry completed and received his Ph.D in Dairy Science Nutrition in May 2022. He will be a Dairy Nutrition Consultant with Purina in Wisconsin. Congratulations and good luck Henry!!!

Congratulations Sophia!

One of the White Lab’s own undergraduate researchers was awarded the Sophmore Research Fellowship for her proposed Summer 2022 project! Sophia will be going to dairies and will be analyzing metabolites from blood taken from transition cows. Congratulations Sophia on the award! We can’t wait to see what you will find out this summer!

Chancellor Rebecca Blank congratulating Sophia on her award.

Featured Undergraduate Students

Two undergraduate students who work in Dr. White’s lab were recently featured in the Animal & Dairy Sciences newsletter!

Kylie Konyn, a UW-Madison freshman and new addition to the White Lab, discussed her experience growing up on an 800 cow dairy in Southern California and how she made the decision to come to UW-Madison for her undergradaute studies. Read more about Kylie here!

Gaelan Combs, a UW-Madison senior and veteran of the White Lab, discussed how important and invaluable scholarships like the Farrington Award are to undergraduate students in more than just a financial aspect. He also participated in the most recent Midwest Dairy Challenge, with the team coming in second. Read more about the scholarship article here and the Midwest Dairy Challenge Team here!

Bio152 Research

During the Fall 2021 semester, Dr. White’s Lab had two undergraduate Bio152 students and they presented their research at the Bio152 Symposium on Dec 14, 2021.

Sophia Edwards‘s project titled “Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and cholesterol are affected by the transition period in dairy cows, but nutritional interventions do not improve metabolic health” gave her the opportunity to explore the patterns of minerals and cholesterol in transition dairy cows duirng the transition period when cows had nutritional interventions given to them or not.

Sara Johnson‘s project titled “The effects of intrauterine choline exposure on beef x dairy calves” gave her the opportunity to learn about in-utero nutritional interventions and how these interventions may or may not affect the growth of the newborn calf through its growth into a heifer.

Well done Sophia and Sara!