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Being able to apply in-laboratory research to on-farm application is of the upmost importance when it comes to farmers being able to make informed decisions for their cows and farm. Tools are available for farmers to monitor individual cow health during the transition to lactation period. Part of the work that goes into validating these tools require laboratory testing and analysis to ensure quality, allowing farmers to have peace of mind of the results they obtain. See below for two BHB meters that have been validated by Dr. Heather White’s lab; links to the papers/presentations that have been published are also below.


PortaCheck BHBCheck Meter:

The BHBCheck is a handheld meter which tests either BHB or Glucose concentrations from extremely small quantities of blood. This tool can can be a valuable part of your ketosis detection protocol.

See how to use the meter and read about the validation of the meter. See more information on PortaCheck for more questions.


KetoMonitor Tool and Resources:

The KetoMonitor is a herd-prevalence level test that can be a valuable part of your ketosis detection protocol.

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Meet the KetoMonitor Presenters

Ketosis: Understanding the Biology

Introducing the KetoMonitor

Strategies for Herds with High Ketosis Prevalence

for more information visit AgSourceKetoMonitor

WisLines KetoMonitor Webinar Slides:

KetoMonitor Extension Webinar

Ketosis: Understanding the Biology. Dairy Herd Management.


4-State Dairy Nutrition Conference is featured on the Transition Cow Website.