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Nutritional Physiology

Understanding Hepatic Carbon Metabolism, One Carbon At A Time

The transition to lactation period in dairy cattle represents the most critical time period for health and productivity.  Dr. White’s research program focuses on hepatic carbon flux during the transition to lactation, specifically as it relates to gluconeogeneis and the TCA cycle, and the onset of metabolic disorders.  Fundamental research on glucose and energy metabolism leads to better understanding of the etiology, onset, progression, and genetic predisposition to metabolic disorders, such as ketosis and fatty liver, in cattle and humans.

Research in the White Lab spans from basic to applied science.  Our continual goal is to conduct science, at both levels, that improves animal health and productivity.  With this goal in mind, we are constantly striving to use basic science to better understand nutritional biochemistry and physiology and thus, improve animal health and productivity.  From cells to cows, impact is key!

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