DySci / AnSci 311: Comparative Animal Nutrition

This 3 credit course uses a comparative approach to understand nutritional physiology across species. Meeting three times a week from 12:05-12:55, students will learn about key macronutrients and micronutrients, how nutrients are utilized and metabolized, and understand the basis for nutrient requirements. Students of all biological disciplines have taken this course and found it useful for future endeavors. For more information on Comparative Animal Nutrition, click here.

DySci / AnSci 875: Ruminant Nutritional Physiology I & II (taught in alternating fall semesters)

This 4 credit graduate level course brings in professors and adjunct faculty to discuss their area of expertise in integrated nutritional physiology and the research behind the concepts. Class meets three times a week for one hour and one time a week for a two hour discussion to further delve into challenging ideas. The first section of the course (RNP I) focuses on rumen microbiology, VFA metabolism, modeling, and protein metabolism. RNP II focuses on lipid metabolism, calf nutrition, forage, vitamins, starch, and fiber. Either class can be taken first as they are more parallel in concepts than complementary.

Undergraduate Independent Research Study and Internships

There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research through independent study and internships during the academic and summer semesters. Contact Dr. White if interested.

Graduate Research Assistantships

There are currently open graduate research assistantships in the White Lab. Contact Dr. White for more information.