ADSA 2019

The annual American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) meeting took place in Cincinnati, OH. Here, current and alumnae graduate students from the White Lab presented their research with both poster sessions (Dr. Kristina Weld, Malia Martin, and Henry Holdorf) and oral presentations (Rafael Caputo Oliveira, MS and Ryan Pralle). Dr. Heather White herself gave two talks about he transition period and the relevance of understanding how methyl donors and feed efficiency are at play. She also received the prestigious Foundation Scholar Award, a distinguishing accomplishment as part of her contribution and dedication to Dairy Science.

Dr. Heather White receives the distinguishable Foundation Scholar Award.

Dr. White met up with colleagues from UW-Madison’s Dairy Science Department.

Dr. Victor Cabrera (left), Dr. Heather White (center), Theodore Halbach, MS (right).

Dr. Heather White with some alumnae and current lab members at ADSA 2019.

Back (L to R): Dr. Kristina Weld, Rafael Caputo Oliveira, MS, and Ryan Pralle.
Front (L to R): Malia Martin, Dr. Heather White, and Henry Holdorf.