EAAP & ISRP 2019

From August 26-August 30 and September 3-September 6, Dr. Heather White took Ryan, Henry, and Sophia to Europe to present research at EAAP in Ghent, Belgium (European Federation of Animal Science) and ISRP in Leipzig, Germany (International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology), respectively. This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to collaborate with other Universities, gain new contacts, and explore new cultures, ideas, and scientific topics. Dr. White had two talks at EAAP. Henry presented one poster, and Sophia and Ryan both presented 2 posters at EAAP. Ryan had one at ISRP and Sophia two.

Members of the White Lab reunite with a past exchange student at EAAP.
Left to right: Henry Holdorf (PhD student), Pascal van Krulen (former exchange student), Dr. Heather White (PI), and Ryan Pralle (PhD candidate).

Posing in front of posters at ISRP.
Left to right: Henry Holdorf, Ryan Pralle, Sophia Erb, and Dr. Heather White.