US Farm Report: Undergraduate Appearance

The US Farm Report is out, and UW-Madison makes quite the appearance! Students at the undergraduate and graduate level are featured throughout the video, which exemplifies the enthusiasm, dedication, and passion the students have for what they do. At the 21 minute mark of the video, the report is taken at the Dairy Cattle Center (DCC) on the UW-Madison campus and features an undergraduate student, Michael Moede. Michael is majoring in Dairy Science and works in Dr. Heather White’s lab. His interest in cows began at a young age, and he plans to be involved in the dairy industry in the future.

Farrington Internship for Research

This summer, UW-Madison and Tuskegee University partnered together through a Farrington Internship to help Animal Science students determine career paths. The White Lab was pleased to have Naomi Waldon, an Animal Science major at Tuskegee, assist with feed efficiency projects and have her own independent laboratory project.

Naomi did not have lots of experience with cows at first, but that did not stop her! With guidance from graduate student Malia, Naomi was able to weigh cows, draw blood, and understand the inner workings of a farm. She was also able to work in the lab for an independent project which was an extension of Claira’s Master’s work. Even though she had some prior experience from lab courses taken at Tuskegee, the experience itself allowed her to shape her future goals for her career path after graduation.

It was great having Naomi in the lab, and we wish her best of luck in her endeavors!

Left: Malia (left) and Naomi (right) pipette serum into microcentrifuge tubes after collection from cows for lab analysis. Thanks to Michael P. King for the photograph.

Right: Naomi sets up the Catachem, an autoanalyzer, for analysis of the serum samples in the lab.

Congratulations Claira!

Claira received her Master’s degree early May 2019 and has decided to continue her dairy science education by going back to Cornell University to do a Ph.D. with Dr. Jessica McArt. Congratulations and good luck Claira!!!

Congratulations Kristina!

Kristina completed and received her Ph.D. in Dairy Science in April 2019. She will be working for Purina as a consultant on dairy cow nutrition in southwest Wisconsin. Congratulations and good luck Kristina!!!